Stackage build for GHC 7.8, 2014-08-07, inclusive

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What's the difference between inclusive and exclusive snapshots?

Setup guide (click to expand)

This snapshot is: inclusive

This means that it contains packages from Hackage too, which are not guaranteed to build.

For a detailed explanation of the differences and reasons for inclusive and exclusive snapshots, see the FAQ on this topic.

Your config file for Cabal should be in your user home directory. For example:

  • Linux: /home/alonzo/.cabal/config
  • Windows: C:\Users\alonzo\AppData\Roaming\cabal\config

Once you have this open, find the line that says:


Replace it with the remote-repo code sample above.

If you already have installed some packages from Hackage or elsewhere and you want to start from a fresh package set, you can remove yourghc/<os>-<ghc-version> directory.

  • In Linux, the directory is ~/.ghc
  • On Windows the .ghc directory, similar to the Cabal configuration, will be under something like: C:\Users\alonzo\AppData\Roaming\ghc

To clear the GHC 7.2.2. environment, all the user-installed packages, you can remove the directory x86_64-linux-7.2.2. Be careful that you are sure that you want to clear your package set (re-installing packages takes time!) and that you clear the right one.

This will download the package index from Stackage and update your local one.

Now you're ready to install packages!