Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries.

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  • Data
    • Data.Conduit
      • Data.Conduit.Attoparsec
      • Data.Conduit.Binary
      • Data.Conduit.Blaze
      • Data.Conduit.Filesystem
      • Data.Conduit.Lazy
      • Data.Conduit.Network
        • Data.Conduit.Network.UDP
      • Data.Conduit.Process
      • Data.Conduit.Text
      • Data.Conduit.Zlib

The conduit package itself maintains relative small dependencies. The purpose of this package is to collect commonly used utility functions wrapping other library dependencies, without depending on heavier-weight dependencies. The basic idea is that this package should only depend on haskell-platform packages and conduit.



Added sinkParserEither (pull request #189)