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Within LTS Haskell 10.3 (ghc-8.2.2)

  1. flushall :: (RedisCtx m f) => m (f Status)

    hedis Database.Redis

    No documentation available.

  2. flushAll :: STM ()

    TCache Data.TCache

    drops the entire cache.

  3. flushall :: Monad m => Redis m ()

    redis-resp Data.Redis.Command

    No documentation available.

  4. FlushAll :: Resp -> Command ()

    redis-resp Data.Redis.Command

    No documentation available.

  5. hFlushAll :: Handle -> IO ()

    base GHC.IO.Handle

    The action hFlushAll hdl flushes all buffered data in hdl, including any buffered read data. Buffered read data is flushed by seeking the file position back to the point before the bufferred data was read, and hence only works if hdl is seekable (see hIsSeekable). This operation may fail with:

    • isFullError if the device is full;
    • isPermissionError if a system resource limit would be exceeded. It is unspecified whether the characters in the buffer are discarded or retained under these circumstances;
    • isIllegalOperation if hdl has buffered read data, and is not seekable.

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