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Within LTS Haskell 10.3 (ghc-8.2.2)

  1. openURI :: String -> IO (Either String ByteString)

    download Network.Download

    Download content specified by url (in RFC1738 form), using either FTP, HTTP or file protocols, returning the content as a strict ByteString. If the url is malformed, a Left value is returned. Similarly, if an error occurs, Left is returned, with a protocol-specific error string. If the file protocol is used, documents will be retrieved from the local filesystem. If the ftp scheme is used, the FTP protocol (RFC959) is used. If no user name or password are provided, anonymous login, with user name anonymous and password anonymous will be attempted. If the http method is used, HTTP/1.1 will be used. Examples:

    openURI "http://haskell.org"

  2. openURIString :: String -> IO (Either String String)

    download Network.Download

    Like openURI, but returns the result as a String Examples:

    openURIString "http://haskell.org"

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