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Within LTS Haskell 10.3 (ghc-8.2.2)

  1. package persistent

    Type-safe, multi-backend data serialization. Hackage documentation generation is not reliable. For up to date documentation, please see: http://www.stackage.org/package/persistent.

  2. persistent :: Monitor a -> Bool

    xmonad-contrib XMonad.Layout.Monitor

    is it shown on all layouts?

  3. Persistent :: PipelineOutput

    ghc PipelineMonad

    We want a persistent file, i.e. a file in the current directory derived from the input filename, but with the appropriate extension. eg. in "ghc -c Foo.hs" the output goes into ./Foo.o.

  4. Persistent :: SpotInstanceType

    amazonka-ec2 Network.AWS.EC2

    No documentation available.

  5. Persistent :: SpotInstanceType

    amazonka-ec2 Network.AWS.EC2.Types

    No documentation available.

  6. module Web.Users.Persistent

    No documentation available.

  7. newtype Persistent

    users-persistent Web.Users.Persistent

    No documentation available.

  8. Persistent :: (forall a . SqlPersistT IO a -> IO a) -> Persistent

    users-persistent Web.Users.Persistent

    No documentation available.

  9. Persistent :: DeliveryMode

    amqp Network.AMQP

    the message will survive server restarts (if the queue is durable)

  10. Persistent :: AttachedDiskType

    gogol-compute Network.Google.Compute


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