Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes.

Version on this page:0.7.11
LTS Haskell 12.23:0.7.11
Stackage Nightly 2018-12-15:0.7.11
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BSD3 licensed by Ian Lynagh
Maintained by Mathieu Boespflug

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Derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes.


2015-01-18 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* GHC 8.1 compatibility.

2015-11-19 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Added makeLift, for cases when it's necessary to write the
instance manually. (Thanks to Ryan Scott).
* Support empty datatypes and unboxed types.

2014-12-07 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Support GHC 7.9 and hopefully 7.10, thanks to Richard Eisenberg.
* On versions of GHC that support role inference, don't constrain
phantom type variables.
* Get rid of some orphan instances when using GHC >= 7.9.

2013-12-09 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Support GHC 7.8, thanks to Michael Snoyberg.
* Support existentially quantified type variables in datatype
* Handle exotic kinds properly.

2010-09-19 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Support older GHCs and Cabal, thanks to Ben Millwood.

2010-08-05 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Support for contexts in datatypes, thanks to Ben Millwood.
* deriveLiftWith becomes deriveLift' and takes an Info structure
rather than a custom reification function.
* Add deriveLiftMany to derive many Lift instances in one go.

2010-08-02 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Add support for newtypes and records syntax, thanks to a patch
by Ben Millwood.
* Add support for infix constructors.
* deriveLift returns a list of declarations.
* New deriveLiftWith function with custom reification, following a
feature request by Jonas DuregÄrd.

2010-03-24 Mathieu Boespflug <>

* Port to Template Haskell 2.4.
* Maintainer is now Mathieu Boespflug.

2006-09-06 Ian Lynagh <>

* Initial release.
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