Haskell SDK for the LINE API

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Haskell SDK for the LINE API



Please refer to the API docs available on Hackage.


Please see the examples directory.




4.0.1 (27 Sep 2017)

  • Update documentation links

4.0.0 (19 Sep 2017)

  • Use the latest Stack resolver 9.5
  • Add userID fields to event sources
  • Add ‘Get group/room member profile’ APIs
  • Add ‘image carousel’ template message
  • Add ‘datetimepicker’ template action type
  • Implement ‘Get group/room member IDs’ APIs
  • Use DuplicateRecordFields to simplify field names

3.1.0 (26 May 2017)

  • Add support for file message

3.0.1 (26 Apr 2017)

  • Use Text instead of String for Beacon dm

3.0.0 (26 Apr 2017)

  • Add type and dm support for Beacon event

2.2.0 (15 Jan 2017)

  • Add multicast API support (6 Dec 2016)

  • Doc and test fixes to use POST for webhooks (5 Dec 2016)

  • Specify lower bounds in cabal file (5 Dec 2016)

  • Use http-conduit instead of wreq as HTTP client (4 Dec 2016)

  • Make Line.Messaging.Webhook.Validation independent from WAI. As it does not use Request of WAI, its argument type is changed.
  • Remove WebhookResult, as returning other than empty string is meaningless for webhook response
  • Add Scotty version of webhook handler
  • Add Stack yaml to fix macOS Sierra problem
  • Derive Eq type class for APIErrorBody
  • Make optional fields of template messages have type of Maybe a (28 Nov 2016)

  • Update lower bound of base to 4.8 (Issue: #2)
  • Add Stack yamls for lts-6.26 resolver (27 Nov 2016)

  • Documentation fix (27 Nov 2016)

  • Initial release