BSD-3-Clause licensed by Edward Kmett, Artyom Kazak
Maintained by Monadfix
This version can be pinned in stack with:microlens-platform-0.3.11@sha256:7de8d6a639c5793267ed757dbb4b9c6ba4a4e8ff30af5449a955759a485a2cd6,2444

Module documentation for 0.3.11

This package exports a module which is the recommended starting point for using microlens if you aren't trying to keep your dependencies minimal. By importing Lens.Micro.Platform you get all functions and instances from microlens, microlens-th, microlens-mtl, microlens-ghc, as well as instances for Vector, Text, and HashMap.

The minor and major versions of microlens-platform are incremented whenever the minor and major versions of any other microlens package are incremented, so you can depend on the exact version of microlens-platform without specifying the version of microlens (microlens-mtl, etc) you need.

This package is a part of the microlens family; see the readme on Github.



  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.10, microlens-ghc-0.4.10).


  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.9, microlens-ghc-0.4.9, microlens-th-0.4.2).

  • New minor release (microlens-mtl-0.1.11).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.8, microlens-ghc-0.4.8).

  • Bumped vector upper bound.

  • New minor release (microlens-th-0.4.1).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.7, microlens-ghc-0.4.7).

  • New minor release (microlens-mtl-0.1.10).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.6, microlens-ghc-0.4.6).

  • New minor release (microlens-mtl-0.1.9).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.5, microlens-ghc-0.4.5, microlens-th-0.1.8).

  • Reexport Lens.Micro explicitly to make it clearer that it’s exported.

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.4, microlens-ghc-0.4.4).

  • New major release (microlens-0.4.3, microlens-ghc-0.4.3, microlens-th-0.4).

  • Added forgotten copyright/authorship information.

  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.2, microlens-ghc-0.4.2).

  • New minor release (microlens-mtl-0.1.7).

  • Added packed and unpacked.
  • Added instances for Strict.
  • New minor release (microlens-0.4.1, microlens-ghc-0.4.1).

  • New major release (microlens-0.4, microlens-th-0.3, microlens-ghc-0.4).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.5, microlens-th-0.2.2, microlens-ghc-0.3.1).

  • A missing instance of At for HashMap has been added.

  • New minor release (microlens-mtl-0.1.6).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.4).

  • Added Safe Haskell pragmas.
  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.3).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.2).

  • New minor release (microlens-0.3.1).

Initial release.