A true type file format loader

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A haskell Truetype file parser.

You can load a font file and extract some curves to be drawed with a library like Rasterific .



v0.5.3.4 September 2018
* Fix: GHC 8.6.1 compat

v0.5.3.3 June 2017
* Fix: Composite glyph positionning (patch from hsyl20)
* Fix: glyph lookup (patch from hsyl20)

v0.5.3.2 May 2016
* Fix: Bumping base bounds

v0.5.3(.1) February 2016
* Fix: bug when trying to scan a directory
* Addition: exposing descriptorOf function
* Enhancement: Made FontDescriptor strictier.

v0.5.2 August 2015
* Fix: GHC 7.4 compilation

v0.5.1.1 April 2015
* Fix: compilation on older compilers

v0.5.1 April 2015
* Fix: Fixing the bounding box returned by stringBoundingBox
* Fix: All warning of GHC 7.10 final

v0.5 January 2015
* BREAKING CHANGE: the point size is now Float!

---- Non breaking change:
* Adding: lower level access to the structure, without
guaranteed stability.
* Adding: an helper function to retrieve the distance from
the top of the string bounding box to the baseline.

v0.4.1 January 2015
* Fixing: Warnings under GHC 7.1O

* Adding: function to get back unplaced glyph.
* Adding: Binary instance for Font cache.
* Fixing: font cache.

v0.3 June 2014
* Adding: a font finding function
* Adding: a font cache type to speed-up frequent font

v0.2.1 April 2014
* Fixing: some character map loading problem (again)
* Fixing: font loading with out of order tables

v0.2 March 2014
* Fixing: character map loading when identical table
offset are used.
* Adding: bounding box extraction for test snippet.

v0.1.0.4 February 2014
* Fixing: hackage's haddock generation

v0.1.0.3 February 2014
* Dropping base upper bound.

v0.1.0.2 February 2014
* Fixing: compilation with old version of binary.

v0.1.0.1 February 2014
* Fixing: some missing information in the cabal file.

v0.1 February 2014
* Initial version.

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