Tools for working with derived `Show` instances and generic inspection of values.

Version on this page:1.9.5
LTS Haskell 13.25:1.9.5
Stackage Nightly 2019-06-12:1.9.5
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MIT licensed by Iavor S. Diatchki
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Module documentation for 1.9.5

We provide a library and an executable for working with derived Show instances. By using the library, we can parse derived Show instances into a generic data structure. The ppsh tool uses the library to produce human-readable versions of Show instances, which can be quite handy for debugging Haskell programs. We can also render complex generic values into an interactive Html page, for easier examination.


Changes in 1.9.5
* Add a `PrettyVal` instance for `Data.Fixed`

Changes in 1.9.4
* Fix issue #35

Changes in 1.9.3
* Fix issue #34

Changes in 1.9.2
* Allow VARSYM as infix constructors

Changes in 1.9.1
* Allow keywords as the name of constructors

Changes in 1.9
* Add support for pre-processing values before printing.
In particular, we add a pre-processor which will hide some constructors
from the output.

Changes in 1.8.2
* Switch to using version 3.3.1 of jquery (jquery 1 seems to be long gone)

Changes in 1.8
* Rejigger the rendering of unusal values, to improve the rendering of datres.
- a sequence of values with negative numbers is turned into an infix con
- change the association when sequences meet infix things

Changes in 1.7
* Add a dependency on package Text
- Adds an instance for `PrettyVal Text`
- Paves the road for using `Text` in the representation of values.

Changes in 1.6.16
* Fixes to accomodate GHC 8.4

Changes in 1.6.13
* Parse things like <function> and <Function> as constructors

Changes in 1.6.12
* Treat reserved operators as infix constructors (best effort kind of thing)

Changes in 1.6.11
* Add `pPrint`, which is `putStrLn . ppShow`

Changes in 1.6.10
* Increase the precedence of unary minus

Changes in 1.6.9
* Relax parsing of atoms, so that we can support things like the show
instance of StdGen (e.g., [ 123 45, 786 10 ])

Changes in
* Correct license in srouce files.

Changes in
* Correct the 'License' field in the Cabal file to match the license (MIT)

Changes in 1.6.8:
* Move source-repository pragma to top-level.

Changes in 1.6.5:
* Rename CHANGES to CHANGELOG to work with hackage.

Changes in 1.6.4:
* Drop dependency on happy >= 1.19

Changes in 1.6.3:
* Add Safe Haskell annotations
* Add CHANGES file
* Add generated parser to package again. We do this, because otherwise
the package fails to build on systems that do not have `happy`.
This is a bit questionable, but hopefully it won't be too much of
a problem.
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