Configurable Knuth-Liang hyphenation http://github.com/ekmett/hyphenation

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BSD-2-Clause licensed by Edward A. Kmett
Maintained by Edward A. Kmett


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Configurable Knuth-Liang hyphenation using the UTF8 encoded hyphenation patterns provided by hyph-utf8


>>> hyphenate english_US "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious"
>>> hyphenate english_US "hyphenation"
>>> hyphenate icelandic "va\240lahei\240avegavinnuverkf\230rageymslusk\250r"

Contact Information

Contributions and bug reports are welcome!

Please feel free to contact me through github or on the #haskell IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.

-Edward Kmett



  • Per-language default hyphenation minimums
  • Correct handling of UTF-8 language definitions, such as Russian.
  • loadHyphenator now takes a Language rather than the string for its affix.
  • Updated language files.
  • Added Armenian, Assamese, and Occitan.

0.7.1 [2018.01.18]

  • Add Semigroup instances for Exceptions and Patterns.
  • Fix the build with -fembed.


  • Updated Spanish and Thai hyphenation patterns.
  • Removed Lao patterns until higher quality patterns are available.
  • Updated the licenses associated with many patterns
  • Revamp Setup.hs to use cabal-doctest. This makes it build with Cabal-2.0, and makes the doctests work with cabal new-build and sandboxes.


  • Applied gzip to the internal data files. This shrinks the resulting library and any statically linked executable by about a meg and a half.


  • Added support for classic Latin and Georgian. Updated language patterns to match hyph-utf8 version #687 2014-10-13.

  • filepath 1.4 support


  • Fixed a typo in .cabal which prevented the Embed flag from working properly.


  • Added support for embedding all of the pattern files into the library as resources by using cabal install hyphenation -fembed. This is not the default as it inflates the library size by ~3MB and forces all users to pay for all the hyphenation patterns, but it can be useful for users who aim to build standalone applications.


  • Removed Farsi. We had no pattern files.


  • Added Friulan, Piedmontese, Romansh and Thai language hyphenations.


  • Flagged Text.Hyphenation.Language as Trustworthy. It has benign side-effects that cause it to read hyphenation files lazily from the installed data-dir but nothing else.