A preprocessor that helps with writing Haskell bindings to C code

LTS Haskell 16.20:0.68.7
Stackage Nightly 2020-10-26:0.68.7
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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Marcin Kowalczyk
Maintained by ghc-devs@haskell.org

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The hsc2hs program can be used to automate some parts of the process of writing Haskell bindings to C code. It reads an almost-Haskell source file with embedded special constructs, and outputs a real Haskell file with these constructs processed, based on information taken from some C headers. The extra constructs provide Haskell counterparts of C types, values of C constants, including sizes of C types, and access to fields of C structs.

For more details, see the hsc2hs section in the GHC User's Guide.



  • The C compiler is now assumed to be called cc instead of gcc by default (#42)

  • Fix race condition when using response files (#30)

  • Add extra diagnostics when hsc2hs sub-process fails and make TempFile creation fully atomic on Windows. See (#33)


  • Supports generation of response files to avoid system filepath limits (#22, #23)

  • Fix non-deterministic failures for response file handlings (#29)

  • Temporary file removals on Windows are not a bit more reliable and should throw less access denied errors. See #25 and (#9775)

  • Accept a leading single quote for data constructor promotion (#13, #17)

  • Support MonadFail / base-4.13

  • Include template file as first header in hsc2hs generated C file (#28)

  • On Windows define __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO to 1 instead of 0 when not already defined in standard template header. This is a more modern default (#28)


  • Support response files regardless of which GHC hsc2hs was compiled with (#15758)

  • Support for non-x86 platforms should be significantly more robust due to improvements in hsc2hs’s assembly parser

  • Add support for haskell files that use a leading single quote for promoted data constructors.


  • Add support to read command line arguments supplied via response files (#13896)


  • Support GHC 8.2.1

  • Make hsc_alignment macro work in clang (D3346)

  • Track column numbers to improve GHC’s caret diagnostic display (#13388)


  • Fix type signature of generated main test function to avoid C compiler warnings about unused argc/argv function parameters during feature testing.

  • Double-escape paths used to build call to hsc_line (#12504)