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Maintained by Ryan Scott
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This package backports the Control.Monad.Except module from mtl (if using mtl- or earlier), which reexports the ExceptT monad transformer and the MonadError class.

This package should only be used if there is a need to use the Control.Monad.Except module specifically. If you just want mtl class instances for ExceptT, use transformers-compat instead, since mtl-compat does nothing but reexport the instances from that package.

Note that unlike how mtl-2.2 or later works, the Control.Monad.Except module defined in this package exports all of ExceptT’s monad class instances. Therefore, you may have to declare import Control.Monad.Except () at the top of your file to get all of the ExceptT instances in scope.


0.2.2 [2019.04.28]

  • mtl-compat now uses automatic flags instead of manual ones. This has a number of benefits:

    • There is no need for making several simultaneous releases to support each flag combination.
    • As a result, the cabal-install constraint solver should have a much easier time figuring out install-plans involving mtl-compat.

    Due to old cabal-install bugs, cabal-install-1.16 and older may have a harder time installing this package, so it is recommended that you use cabal-install-1.18 or later. (Or, if you must use cabal-install-1.16 or older, installing mtl-compat with the appropriate flags should help.)

  • A specific build with no flags explicitly enabled, intended for use with the latest version of mtl. This is a workaround for cabal backtracker bugs.

  • A specific build with the -ftwo-point-two flag explicitly enabled. This is a workaround for cabal backtracker bugs.

  • A specific build with the -ftwo-point-one flag explicitly enabled. This is a workaround for cabal backtracker bugs.


  • Require use of transformers-compat-0.4 or greater when building with mtl- or earlier. transformers-compat-0.4.0.* adds the missing ExceptT instances, which means that mtl-compat’s only purpose is to backport the Control.Monad.Except module for those who want an mtl-style import for ExceptT and/or MonadError.

    I would recommend just using Control.Monad.Trans.Except from transformers-compat-0.4.0.* and Control.Monad.Error.Class instead, since they accomplish the same thing as mtl-compat without an extra dependency.


  • Allowed the two-point-one flag to toggle on/off automatically


  • Initial commit