BSD-3-Clause licensed by NoRedInk
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A library for reporting observability data collected in nri-prelude-backed Haskell applications to various backends.

This library exposes two categories of modules:

  • Reporter modules for sending data to various backends.
  • Log modules defining Details types for common kinds of tracing spans.
  • Observability module for a unified way of reporting to multiple targets.

Reporter and Log can be mixed and matched with Reporter and Details types defined elsewhere.


  • Relax version bounds to encompass text-2.0.x, base-4.16.x and template-haskell-2.18.x

  • Support time-1.x.

  • Support aeson-2.0.x.

  • Add Observability glue module (still needs better documentation!)
    • Adds direct dependency on conduit

  • Add reporter.
  • Add kafka consumer log details.

  • Relax version bounds to encompass time-0.12.

  • Relax version bounds to encompass prelude-0.6.x.

  • Relax version bounds to encompass base-4.15.x.

  • Initial release.