BSD-2-Clause licensed by Andy Gill and Simon Marlow
Maintained by Simon Marlow
This version can be pinned in stack with:happy-1.20.0@sha256:f99e612b29d68d784d7e193943a13466f0923de69452a2585081491efed0436b,5709

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Happy is a parser generator for Haskell 98 (and later).

Build Status

Happy is built using Cabal. First install GHC, then:

  $ cabal install

If you obtained the development version from, install via:

  $ make sdist && cabal install

Complete documentation can be found in the directory ‘doc’, in DocBook XML format. To format the documentation, the DocBook-Tools suite (see provides all the bits & pieces you need. Alternatively, pre-formatted documentation is available from Happy’s homepage (URL above).

The directory ‘examples’ contains some example parsers that use Happy.

For information on copying and distributing this program, see the file LICENSE in this directory.

Bugs should be reported at:

Happy Parsing!