Yet another test framework for Haskell

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Tom McLaughlin
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Changelog for sandwich

Unreleased changes

  • Improve semantics of multiple --filter/-f arguments. Now they get applied to the test tree sequentially.

  • Fix error symlink creation on Windows (don’t allow invalid characters).

  • Be able to accept multiple --filter/-f arguments. A test must match all of them to be run.
  • Windows support.

  • Initial release Test.Sandwich.Golden for golden testing.
  • Support Brick 1.x in addition to 0.x.

  • Add Markdown Summary formatter (useful with GitHub Actions)
  • Release sandwich-hedgehog compatibility.

  • Expose optionsDryRun and the --dry-run option.
  • Add command-line arguments for sandwich-quickcheck.
  • Add --visibility-threshold/-v option.
  • Fix an issue where TUI quit would hang in the presence of cleared results.
  • Display number of tests run in output message.
  • Catch and log exceptions in the TUI event loop.
  • Change runSandwichWithCommandLineArgs to use the print formatter by default, since we can’t figure out how to detect if we’re running under cabal test, which redirects stdout.

  • GHC 9 support

  • Add terminalUICustomExceptionFormatters.

  • Add parallelN for limiting the number of threads in a parallel.