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Within LTS Haskell 22.30 (ghc-9.6.6)

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  1. simpleHttp :: MonadIO m => String -> m ByteString

    http-conduit Network.HTTP.Conduit

    Download the specified URL, following any redirects, and return the response body. This function will throwIO an HttpException for any response with a non-2xx status code (besides 3xx redirects up to a limit of 10 redirects). It uses parseUrlThrow to parse the input. This function essentially wraps httpLbs. Note: Even though this function returns a lazy bytestring, it does not utilize lazy I/O, and therefore the entire response body will live in memory. If you want constant memory usage, you'll need to use the conduit package and http directly. Note: This function creates a new Manager. It should be avoided in production code.

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