Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper

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LTS Haskell 6.35:0.53
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MIT licensed by Audrey Tang
Maintained by audreyt@audreyt.org

Module documentation for 0.53

This is a simple YAML ('Yet Another Markup Language') processor, used by the Pugs project for handling data serialization; this can be useful for optimization and caching purposes.

This is an interface to the syck C library for parsing and dumping YAML data. It lets you transform textual YAML data into an object of type YamlNode, and vice versa, fast.


[Changes for 0.53 - 2015-02-27]

* Change Cabal license field to say MIT.

[Changes for 0.52 - 2014-05-06]

* Add compatibility with base (GHC 7.8.1+)

[Changes for 0.51 - 2013-11-08]

* Port to hashtables package for compatibility with GHC 7.8.
* Switch internal integer hash algorithm to Cuckoo hashing.
Reported by: Henk-Jan van Tuyl

[Changes for 0.50 - 2011-03-19]

* parseYaml and emitYaml now work with Unicode Strings.
Reported by: voker57

[Changes for 0.45 - 2009-05-15]

* Require Cabal 1.2.3+ to work with GHC 6.10 and above.
* Change unsafe ByteString packing to safe packing to avoid memory corruption.
Contributed by: Nicolas Pouillard

[Changes for 0.44 - 2008-06-21]

* Tested against GHC-6.8.3; added the Pugs category; no functional changes.

[Changes for 0.43 - 2008-06-21]

* Properly documented the language extensions we use in the .cabal file.

* No longer compiles with -O2 as Cabal automatically adds -O anyway.

[Changes for 0.41 - 2008-02-19]

* Update the ByteString function calls for the ByteStrings packaged
with GHC 6.8.2 (and up).
Improve Cabal metadata.
Contributed by: Gwern Branwen

[Changes for 0.4 - 2007-06-16]

* Add Haddock documentations; no functional changes.
Contributed by: Jaap Weel

[Changes for 0.3 - 2007-05-21]

* First working Hackage release: Unbreak the build by adding
missing extra-source-files.
Requested by: Bryan O'Sullivan
Depends on 5 packages:
Used by 6 packages:
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