Preprocessor for typesetting Haskell sources with LaTeX https://github.com/kosmikus/lhs2tex

Version on this page:1.19
LTS Haskell 9.21:1.19
Stackage Nightly 2017-07-25:1.19
Latest on Hackage:1.22

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Ralf Hinze, Andres Loeh
Maintained by Andres Loeh

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This tool is primarily intended for people who want to write articles or books using LaTeX that contain some Haskell code. It works on literate Haskell documents where the non-Haskell parts form essentially a valid LaTeX document, then processes the Haskell code in the document and replaces it with formatted LaTeX output. It is not fully automatic in the sense that it will turn an arbitrary literate Haskell document into a LaTeX document without further work.

Nearly all aspects about the output and formatting are configurable. Output of code can be made using proportional fonts in such a way that even complex horizontal alignment is preserved. The preprocessor can also be invoked in another mode to just extract the Haskell code.


lhs2tex-1.22 (2018-09-23)

  • Compatibility with ghc-8.6.

lhs2tex-1.21 (2018-09-10)

  • Some code refactoring.
  • Experimental markdown mode.
  • Improved output when using deprecated modes (#59).
  • Compatibility with ghc-8.4 (#69).
  • Fix in the formatting directives parser (#64).
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