A calculator repl, with variables, functions & Mathematica like dynamic plots.

LTS Haskell 6.35:
Stackage Nightly 2016-05-25:
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GPL-2.0-only licensed by Sumit Sahrawat
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A feature rich calculator repl.


  • Arithmetic
  • Standard mathematical functions
  • Variable bindings
  • Function bindings
    • Single argument functions
    • Multiple argument functions
  • Plotting
    • Static plots (no animation)
    • Dynamic plots (for multiple argument functions)


Linux users

From hackage:

stack install gtk2hs-buildtools
PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" stack install calculator

From the repo:

stack install gtk2hs-buildtools # From a directory with no stack.yaml
cd /path/to/calculator/repo
PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" stack install

Windows users

This should work, assuming the PATH variable is set correctly:

cmd> stack install gtk2hs-buildtools
cmd> stack install calculator


  • Written in haskell
  • Parsing done using parsec
  • Repl built using haskeline
  • Colored output using ANSI color codes


Use :? to view usage instructions.


  • Thanks to husky for color output.