BSD-3-Clause licensed by Nicolas Frisby
Maintained by Nicolas Frisby, Ryan Scott
This version can be pinned in stack with:invariant-0.3.1@sha256:9edaec802cd0a3e992878af3ee10f45a7a009b7db21f771665fe582811baf8be,2538

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Haskell98 invariant functors



  • Rewrote Data.Functor.Invariant.TH’s type inferencer. This avoids a nasty GHC 7.8-specific bug involving derived Invariant(2) instances for data families.
  • Add Invariant instances for Data.Complex.Complex, Data.Monoid.Product, and Data.Monoid.Sum


  • Require bifunctors-5.2 and profunctors-5.2. Add Invariant(2) instances for newly introduced datatypes from those packages.
  • Add ProfunctorFunctor, ProfunctorMonad, ProfunctorComonad, Mapping, and Traversing instances for WrappedProfunctor
  • Add StateVar as a dependency. Add Invariant instances for StateVar and SettableStateVar.
  • Add Invariant instances for URec (added to GHC.Generics in base-


  • Add genericInvmap function (and make it the default implementation of invmap for Invariant instances) on GHC 7.2 or later
  • Make Tagged instance poly-kinded


  • Add Foldable and Traversable instances for WrappedFunctor
  • Fixed build on GHC HEAD


  • Support deriving Invariant and Invariant2 instances with Template Haskell
  • Added invmapFunctor, invmapContravariant, invmap2Bifunctor, and invmap2Profunctor to make defining Invmap and Invmap2 instances somewhat easier
  • Added WrappedFunctor, WrappedContravariant, WrappedBifunctor, and WrappedProfunctor data types to allow use of invmap and invmap2 for data types that aren’t Invariant or Invariant2 instances.
  • Added Invariant instances for lazy ST, ArrowMonad, Handler, Identity, First, Last, Alt, Proxy, ArgDescr, ArgOrder, and OptDescr
  • Added Invariant and Invariant2 instances for data types in the array, bifunctors, containers, profunctors, semigroups, stm, tagged, transformers, and unordered-containers libraries


  • Add Invariant instances for Dual and Endo


  • Bump contravariant upper version bounds


  • Initial commit