This library can help you to get some data read and written in Office Open XML xlsx format. Small subset of xlsx format is supported.

For examples look into Codec.Xlsx.

Format is covered by ECMA-376 standard:

4th edition of the standard with the transitional schema is used for this library.



  • added basic images support
  • added “normal” cell formula support
  • added basic xlsx parsing error reporting (thanks to Brad Ediger


  • added conditional formatting support
  • fixed reading empty subelements with defaults (thanks Steve Bigham

  • fixed comments data type names and modules/imports


  • added cell comments support
  • added custom file properties

  • loosened dependency on data-default package


  • added number formats (thanks to Alan Zimmerman
  • loosened dependency on zip-archive package



  • added lenses to access cells both using RC and XY style coordinates, RC is used by default

  • fixed use of internal function for parsing shared strings, previous change was unused in practice


  • loosened dependency on zlib package

  • fixed generated xml so it gets read by MS Excel with no warnings (thanks Dmitriy Nikitinskiy
  • improved shared strings collection by using Vector (thanks Dmitriy Nikitinskiy
  • empty xml elements don’t get emmitted anymore (thanks Philipp Hausmann
  • imporoved and cleaned up core.xml generation

  • added “str” cells content extraction as text
  • added a notice that formulas in are not yet supported


  • better tests and documentation
  • lenses for worksheets/cells
  • removed streaming support as it needs better API and improved implementaion
  • removed CellLocalTime as ambiguous, added CellBool


  • initial release