Haskell 98 phantom types to avoid unsafely passing dummy arguments http://github.com/ekmett/tagged

Version on this page:0.8.5
LTS Haskell 9.9:0.8.5
Stackage Nightly 2017-10-21:0.8.5
Latest on Hackage:0.8.5
BSD3 licensed by Edward A. Kmett
Maintained by Edward A. Kmett

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Values carrying an extra phantom type tag.



  • Support Data.Bifoldable/Data.Bitraversable in base for GHC 8.1+.
  • Backport the Eq1, Ord1, Read1, and Show1 instances for Proxy from base-4.9
  • Add Eq1/2, Ord1/2, Read1/2, and Show1/2 instances for Tagged


  • Backport the Alternative, MonadPlus, and MonadZip instances for Proxy from base-4.9
  • Add Bits, FiniteBits, IsString, and Storable instances for Tagged


  • Manual Generic1 support to work around a bug in GHC 7.6
  • Invert the dependency to supply the Semigroup instance ourselves when building on GHC 8


  • deepseq support.
  • Widened template-haskell dependency bounds.


  • Add KProxy to the backwards compatibility Data.Proxy module.
  • Add a Generic instance to Proxy.

  • Fix builds on GHC 7.4.


  • Added Data.Proxy.TH, based on the code from Frames by Anthony Cowley.
  • Removed reproxy from Data.Proxy. This is a bad API decision, but it isn't present in GHC's Data.Proxy, and this makes the API more stable.


  • Support Data.Bifunctor in base for GHC 7.9+.


  • Fixed warning on GHC 7.8


  • Added tagWith.


  • Data.Proxy has moved into base as of GHC 7.7 for use in the new Data.Typeable. We no longer export it for GHC >= 7.7. The most notable change in the module from the migration into base is the loss of the reproxy function.


  • Allowed polymorphic arguments where possible.


  • Needlessly claim that this entirely pure package is Trustworthy!


  • On GHC 7.7, we now still export the instances we used to for Data.Proxy.Proxy as orphans if need be.


  • On GHC 7.7 we now simply export Data.Typeable.Proxy rather than make our own type. We still re-export it.


  • Added witness


  • Actually working polymorphic kind support


  • Added polymorphic kind support
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