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Within LTS Haskell 9.5 (ghc-8.0.2)

  1. package TCache

    A Transactional cache with user-defined persistence TCache is a transactional cache with configurable persitence. It allows conventional STM transactions for objects that syncronize with their user-defined storages. State in memory and into permanent storage is transactionally coherent. It has interface defined for Amazon WS and Yesod Persistent backends defined in tcache-backend packages. Persistent is a multi-backend interface for SQL and non SQL databases such in Mongo-db The package implements serializable STM references, access by key and by record field value, triggers, full text and field indexation, default serialization and a query language based on record fields Since the STM references can be included in data structures and serialized, this is right for graph databases and other NoSQL databases.

    1. 12.0 space in index data in indexQuery.hs and IndexText.hs triggered errors in the AWS backend. The space has been changed by -. So rename the "index *" files in the TCache folder in order to be recognized.
    2. 11.0.0 added setIndexParsist to define persistence for indexes by type. started the addition of readDBRefs, readResources and so on for simultaneous read, writes and deletes of objects of the same type.
    3. 10.2.0 Added setDefaultPersist and modified the signature of setPersist in Data.TCache.DefaultPersistence. Fixed issues with ghc 7.6.3
    4. 10 version add memoization and a persistent and transactional collection/queue.
    5. 10.0.8 subversion add cachedByKeySTM
    6. 10.0.9 fixed an error in clearSyncChacheProc and SynWrite Asyncronous that checked the cache continuously
    See Data.TCache for details In this release: Dropped Data.Hashtable (deprecated). Now it uses the package hashtables

  2. module Data.TCache

    TCache is a transactional cache with configurable persitence that permits STM transactions with objects that syncronize sincromous or asyncronously with their user defined storages. Default persistence in files is provided by default TCache implements 'DBRef 's . They are persistent STM references with a typical Haskell interface. simitar to TVars (newDBRef, readDBRef, writeDBRef etc) but with added. persistence . DBRefs are serializable, so they can be stored and retrieved. Because they are references,they point to other serializable registers. This permits persistent mutable Inter-object relations For simple transactions of lists of objects of the same type TCache implements inversion of control primitives withSTMResources and variants, that call pure user defined code for registers update. Examples below. Triggers in Data.TCache.Triggers are user defined hooks that are called back on register updates. .They are used internally for indexing. Data.TCache.IndexQuery implements an straighforwards pure haskell type safe query language based on register field relations. This module must be imported separately. Data.TCache.IndexText add full text search and content search to the query language Data.TCache.DefaultPersistence has instances for key indexation , serialization and default file persistence. The file persistence is more reliable, and the embedded IO reads inside STM transactions are safe. Data.Persistent.Collection implements a persistent, transactional collection with Queue interface as well as indexed access by key

  3. Opt_FlatCache :: GeneralFlag

    ghc DynFlags

    No documentation available.

  4. Opt_FlatCache :: GeneralFlag

    ghc GHC

    No documentation available.

  5. extendFlatCache :: TyCon -> [Type] -> (TcCoercion, TcType, CtFlavour) -> TcS ()

    ghc TcSMonad

    No documentation available.

  6. lookupFlatCache :: TyCon -> [Type] -> TcS (Maybe (TcCoercion, TcType, CtFlavour))

    ghc TcSMonad

    No documentation available.

  7. data FontCache

    FontyFruity Graphics.Text.TrueType

    A font cache is a cache listing all the found fonts on the system, allowing faster font lookup once created FontCache is an instance of binary, to get okish performance you should save it in a file somewhere instead of rebuilding it everytime! The font cache is dependent on the version of rasterific, you must rebuild it for every version.

  8. emptyFontCache :: FontCache

    FontyFruity Graphics.Text.TrueType

    Font cache with no pre-existing fonts in it.

  9. setCache :: Cache -> IO ()

    TCache Data.TCache

    Set the cache. this is useful for hot loaded modules that will update an existing cache. Experimental

  10. bbConstraintcache :: GeoBoundingBoxConstraint -> Cache

    bloodhound Database.V1.Bloodhound.Types

    No documentation available.

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