Library for programming hybrid systems. http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Yampa

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LTS Haskell 8.12:0.10.5
Stackage Nightly 2017-04-23:0.10.5
Latest on Hackage:0.10.5
BSD3 licensed by Henrik Nilsson, Antony Courtney
Maintained by Ivan Perez (ivan.perez@keera.co.uk)

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Domain-specific language embedded in Haskell for programming hybrid (mixed discrete-time and continuous-time) systems. Yampa is based on the concepts of Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) and is structured using arrow combinators.


2016-05-23 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/: Adds new -:> combinator.
* Yampa.cabal: Version bump (0.10.5).

2015-11-14 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* tests/: Include haddock. Regression tests now exit with proper exit
* src/: Includes more documentation.
* Yampa.cabal: Include haddock and regression test suites.
Version bump (0.10.4).

2015-10-02 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/: Event instances of Applicative and Alternative.
* Yampa.cabal: Version bump (0.10.3).

2015-06-19 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src:/ instances of DeepSeq (see #5).
* Yampa.cabal: Deepseq added to dependencies. Version bump (0.10.2).

2015-05-06 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* Yampa.cabal: disables tests by default. Version bump (

2015-05-05 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* Yampa.cabal: exposes internal modules for documentation purposes.
Version bump (0.10.1)

2015-05-05 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/: Reorders code. Marks modules as deprecated. Removes useless functions.
* Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.10.0)

2015-05-05 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/FRP/Yampa.hs: documentation. Removes tabs.
* README.md: links to games, related projects, documentation.
* Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.9.7)

2015-03-30 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/FRP/Yampa/Task.hs: Adds Functor and Applicative instances,
for compatibility with base >= 4.8 (issue #7, pull request by
Ryan Scott).
* Yampa.cabal: version bump (

2015-03-04 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>
* src/: Coding style improvements.

2014-08-29 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>

* Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.9.6).
* src/: Adds a substantial amount of documentation.
* src/FRP/Yampa.hs: Adds a new pause combinator.

2014-06-04 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.co.uk>

* Adds project to hudson-backed continuous integration server.

2014-04-26 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.es>

* Yampa.cabal: version bump (0.9.5).
* Adds CHANGELOG to cabal file.

2014-04-07 Ivan Perez <ivan.perez@keera.es>

* Yampa.cabal: new maintainer, version bump (0.9.4).
* src/: documentation is exposed so that Haddock can process it.
* No interface changes.

Copyright (c) 2003, Henrik Nilsson, Antony Courtney and Yale University.
All rights reserved.
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