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Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations

Version on this page:0.2.11
LTS Haskell 12.24:0.2.11
Stackage Nightly 2018-12-18:0.2.11
Latest on Hackage:0.2.11

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Vincent Hanquez

Module documentation for 0.2.11

Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations.

The modes of operations available are ECB (Electronic code book), CBC (Cipher block chaining), CTR (Counter), XTS (XEX with ciphertext stealing), GCM (Galois Counter Mode).

The AES implementation uses AES-NI when available (on x86 and x86-64 architecture), but fallback gracefully to a software C implementation.

The software implementation uses S-Boxes, which might suffer for cache timing issues. However do notes that most other known software implementations, including very popular one (openssl, gnutls) also uses similar implementation. If it matters for your case, you should make sure you have AES-NI available, or you'll need to use a different implementation.

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