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Module documentation for 0.3.0


Route to different Wai middleware based on the incoming HTTP verb detected.


This library depends on the wai-transformers package - we expect middleware to already be lifted to MiddlewareT m.

As an example, here could be your application:

import Network.Wai.Trans
import Network.Wai.Middleware.Verbs

myMid1 :: MiddlewareT (ReaderT Env m)
myMid2 :: Middleware

uploadResponse :: ByteString -> MiddlewareT m
uploadResponse _ = liftMiddleware myMid2

verbRoutes :: VerbListenerT (MiddlewareT m) m ()
verbRoutes = do
  get myMid1
  post uploadResponse

Then, to use your newly assembled verb-router, turn the Verbs into a Middleware:

verbMid :: MiddlewareT (ReaderT Env m)
verbMid = verbsToMiddleware verbRoutes

From there, you can deconstruct your monolithic monad stack back down to IO, and plug-it-in to your existing middleware.

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