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A parser for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) financial data. This handles OFX version 1.03, which is documented at http://www.ofx.net This also handles QFX, which is OFX plus some minor additions made by Intuit, the publishers of Quicken.

The parser will place all the data into a tree, which you can query for whatever data you may need, although you will need to be familiar with the OFX spec to do this. There is also a Transaction type which you can easily parse from the tree; this will contain most, perhaps all, of the data you will be interested in if your OFX file is from a bank or credit card account.

All the OFX and QFX files I have seen use the format from the 1.0 series of OFX, which is primarily SGML based. OFX version 2 is XML based. This parser likely will not work on those files.

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