Reading, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files.

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This library is for working with ".tar" archive files. It can read and write a range of common variations of archive format including V7, POSIX USTAR and GNU formats.

It provides support for packing and unpacking portable archives. This makes it suitable for distribution but not backup because details like file ownership and exact permissions are not preserved.

It also provides features for random access to archive content using an index.

Changes Herbert Valerio Riedel March 2018

  • Add support for GHC 8.4.1 / base-4.11
  • Add Semigroup instance for Entries Duncan Coutts May 2016

  • Fix tarbomb logic to ignore special PAX entries. Was breaking many valid tarballs. https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/3390 Duncan Coutts April 2016

  • Fix compatability when using ghc-7.4.x and directory >= 1.2.3 Duncan Coutts January 2016

  • Fix compatability with directory-1.2.3+ Duncan Coutts January 2016

  • Work with old version of bytestring (using bytestring-builder package).
  • Builds with GHC 6.10 -- 8.0.
  • Change type of Index.serialise to be simply strict bytestring.
  • Preserve file timestamps on unpack (with directory-1.2.3+) Duncan Coutts January 2016

  • Revert accidental minor API change in 0.4.x series (the type of the owner and group name strings). The and releases contained the accidental API change.
  • Add a handy foldlEntries function Duncan Coutts January 2016

  • Build and warning fixes for GHC 7.10 and 8.0
  • New Index module function toList to get all index entries Duncan Coutts January 2016

  • New Index function unfinalise to extend existing index
  • 9x faster reading
  • 9x faster index construction
  • 24x faster index extension
  • More compact entry types, using ByteStrings
  • More Eq and Show instances
  • Greater QC test coverage
  • Fix minor bug in reading non-standard v7 format entries Edsko de Vries October 2015

  • Fix bug in Index Duncan Coutts July 2015

  • Fix tests for the Index modules (the code was right) Duncan Coutts July 2015

  • New Index module for random access to tar file contents
  • New lower level tar file I/O actions
  • New tarball file 'append' action Duncan Coutts January 2015

  • Build with GHC 7.10
  • Switch from old-time to time package
  • Added more instance for Entries type Duncan Coutts October 2012

  • fixes to work with directory 1.2
  • More Eq/Ord instances Duncan Coutts February 2012

  • More explicit error types and error handling
  • Support star base-256 number format
  • Improved API documentation
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