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Module documentation for 0.1.0

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Simple parameterization of Wai’s Application and Middleware types.


Wai’s Application type is defined as follows:

type Application = Request -> (Response -> IO ResponseReceived) -> IO ResponseReceived

This is great for the server - we can just flip ($) the middlewares together to get an effectful server. However, what if we want to encode useful information in our middleware chain / end-point application? Something like a ReaderT Env environment, where useful data like a universal salt, current hostname, or global mutable references can be referenced later if it were wedged-in.

The design looks like this:

type ApplicationT m = Request -> (Response -> IO ResponseReceived) -> m ResponseReceived

Now we can encode MTL-style contexts with applications we write

type MiddlewareT m = ApplicationT m -> ApplicationT m

data AuthConfig = AuthConfig
  { authFunction :: Request -> Either AuthException (Response -> Response)

simpleAuth :: ( MonadReader AuthConfig m
              , MonadError AuthException m
              ) => MiddlewareT m
simpleAuth app req resp = do
  auth <- authFunction <$> ask
  case auth req of
    Left e = throwError e
    Right f = app req (resp . f)

simpleAuth' :: Middleware
simpleAuth' app req resp =
  eReceived <- runExceptT $ runReaderT (simpleAuth app req resp) myAuthConfig
  case eReceived of
    Left e = resp $ respondLBS "Unauthorized!"
    Right r = return r
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