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etc gathers configuration values from multiple sources (cli options, OS environment variables, files) using a declarative spec file that defines where this values are to be found and located in a configuration map.

For more information about etc API and how to use it, see the etc homepage

Changes (Release Candidate)

  • Add parseConfigSpecTH functionality, now we can parse the ConfigSpec record at compilation time (closes #47)
  • Remove bug on CLI option parser, now it will coerce numbers and booleans to string when specifying numbers and booleans over CLI and the field type is a string (closes #48)
  • Improve Error Types to be more granular and descriptive
  • Re-organize Spec parser functions in its own module
  • Add switch input for CLI spec (closes #41)

  • Remove bug that stop configuration to be rendered when a default value was an empty array

  • Improvement around unhelpful error being thrown when CLI Config Map didn’t contain a value on a required (by code) field

  • Improve pretty printer for configuration values (closes #32)


  • Add new type field to etc/spec with support for string, number, bool, [string], [number] and [bool], [object]
  • Remove type field in cli spec in favor of type on etc/spec
  • Allow ENV vars to accept supported types (only strings were allowed) (closes #30)
  • Allow CLI options to accept supported types (only strings and numbers were allowed)
  • Allow spec file to have array as default values
  • Return a warning and an empty config whenever configuration files contain entries not defined in the spec (closes #26)

  • Upgrade to rio to version

  • Add new etc/files entry to the spec file which allows to specify an environment variable to fetch a file


  • Bump resolver to lts-11
  • Replace protolude in favor of rio
  • Update parseConfigSpec to no longer attempt to parse JSON when yaml cabal flag is set
  • Add sensitive setting to etc/spec entries
  • Add Value type to deal with sensitive values
  • Update examples with sensitive values
  • Add optional key context to the InvalidConfiguration error (issue #12)
  • Add config printer function that renders config map with/without colors (issue #15)
  • Give precedence to values that do not contain inner JSON.Null values (issue #16)

  • Move Config API to typeclass IConfig
  • Add a Setup.hs file to every hachage repo (issue #5)
  • Add example of a project with a config spec embedded in the binary

  • Add support for null values on Default (issue #3)
  • If cli cabal flag is false, have parseConfigSpec return ConfigSpec () instead of ambiguous FromJSON value (issue #3)
  • Bump aeson dependency to <1.3

  • Rename System.Etc.Internal.Util module to System.Etc.Internal.Extra
  • Rename cabal flag from printer to extra
  • Add feature for Environment Variable misspelling reports
  • Add misspelling reports to example projects
  • Improvements on README

  • Various changes to source code to comply with previous resolvers
    • Use Monoid instead of Semigroup
    • Remove unused imports/typeclasses
  • Bump upper limits for aeson and vector
  • Improve typos
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