A basic web UI for hledger data. Intended to be robust and somewhat useful.


User-visible changes in hledger-web.
See also the hledger changelog.

# 1.12 (2018/12/02)

* fix duplicate package.yaml keys warned about by hpack

* use hledger 1.12

# 1.11.1 (2018/10/06)

* use hledger 1.11.1

# 1.11 (2018/9/30)

* use hledger 1.11

# 1.10 (2018/6/30)

* multiple -f options, and --auto, work again

* view, add, edit permissions can be set at CLI or by Sandstorm HTTP header

* the edit form has been revived, for whole-journal editing

* the journal can now be uploaded and downloaded

* the e key toggles empty accounts in the sidebar

* use hledger-lib 1.10

# 1.9.2 (2018/4/30)

* use hledger-lib 1.9.1

# 1.9.1 (2018/4/13)

* fix compilation with yesod < 1.6

# 1.9 (2018/3/31)

* support ghc 8.4, latest deps

* when the system text encoding is UTF-8, ignore any UTF-8 BOM prefix
found when reading files

* -E/--empty toggles zeroes at startup (with opposite default to cli)

# 1.5 (2017/12/31)

* add form account fields now suggest implied and declared account names also

* add form date field now uses a datepicker (Eli Flanagan)

* don't write a session file at startup, don't require a writable working directory

* support -V/--value, --forecast, --auto

* remove upper bounds on all but hledger* and base (experimental)

# 1.4 (2017/9/30)

* a @FILE argument reads flags & args from FILE, one per line

* enable --pivot and --anon options, like hledger CLI (#474) (Jakub Zárybnický)

* web: Make "Add transaction" button tabbable (#430) (Jakub Zárybnický)

* accept -NUM as a shortcut for --depth NUM

* deps: drop oldtime flag, require time 1.5+, remove ghc < 7.6 support

# 1.3.2 (2017/8/25)

* remove unnecessary bound to satisfy hackage server

# 1.3.1 (2017/8/25)

* allow megaparsec 6 (#594, Simon Michael, Hans-Peter Deifel)

* allow megaparsec-6.1 (Hans-Peter Deifel)

* restore upper bounds on hledger packages

# 1.3 (2017/6/30)

Depends on hledger[-lib] 1.3, see related changelogs.

# 1.2 (2017/3/31)

Accounts with ? in name had empty registers (fixes #498) (Bryan Richter)

Allow megaparsec 5.2 (fixes #503)

# 1.1 (2016/12/31)

- add --host option (#429)

This came up in the context of Docker, but it seems it wasn't
possible for hledger-web to serve remote clients directly (without
a proxy) because of being hardcoded. That can now be
changed with --host=IPADDR. Also, the default base url uses this
address rather than a hard-coded "localhost".

- rename --server to --serve

The --server flag sounded too close in meaning to --host so
I've renamed it to --serve. The old spelling is still accepted,
but deprecated and will be removed in the next release.

# 1.0.1 (2016/10/27)

- allow megaparsec 5.0 or 5.1

# 1.0 (2016/10/26)

## ui

- use full width on large screens, hide sidebar on small screens, more standard bootstrap styling (#418, #422) (Dominik Süß)

- show the sidebar by default (#310)

- fix the add link's tooltip

- when the add form opens, focus the first field (#338)

- leave the add form's date field blank, avoiding a problem with tab clearing it (#322)

- use transaction id instead of date in transaction urls (#308) (Thomas R. Koll)

- after following a link to a transaction, highlight it (Thomas R. Koll)

- misc. HTML/CSS/file cleanups/fixes (Thomas R. Koll)

## misc

- startup is more robust (#226).

Now we exit if something is already using the specified port,
and we don't open a browser page before the app is ready.

- termination is more robust, avoiding stray background threads.

We terminate the server thread more carefully on exit, eg on control-C in GHCI.

- more robust register dates and filtering in some situations (see hledger-ui notes)

- reloading the journal preserves options, arguments in effect (#314).

The initial query specified by command line arguments is now preserved
when the journal is reloaded. This does not appear in the web UI, it's
like an invisible extra filter.

- show a proper not found page on 404

- document the special \`inacct:\` query (#390)

0.27 (2015/10/30)

- Fix keyboard shortcut for adding a transaction (Carlos Lopez-Camey)

- Clear the form when clicking 'Add a transaction' (just like the shortcut) (Carlos Lopez-Camey)

- Disallow -f- (reading from standard input) which currently doesn't work (#202)

- Fix broken links when using --base-url (#235)

- Fix the --file-url option (#285)

- Show fewer "other accounts" in the account register: to reduce
clutter in the "other accounts" field, if there are both real and
virtual postings to other accounts, show only the accounts posted to
by real postings.

0.26 (2015/7/12)

- make the j keybinding respect --base-url (fixes #271)
- respect command line options (fixes #225)
- include the unminified jquery source again (#161)
- fix build breakage from #165 (fixes #268)
- fix a js error breaking add form in browsers other than firefox (#251, Carlos Lopez-Camey <c.lopez@kmels.net>)
- drop deprecated network-conduit dependency

0.25 (2015/4/7)

- GHC 7.10 compatibility (#239)

- fix the add form when there are included files (#234)

NB to make this work, the add form now shows the full file path of
the main and included journal files.

- improve add form validation (#223, #234)

All add form errors are displayed as form errors, not internal
server errors, and when there are errors the add form is redisplayed
(form inputs are not preserved, currently).

- keep the add button right-aligned when pressing ctrl - on the add form

0.24.1 (2015/1/10)

- add missing modules to fix cabal tests (#232)

0.24 (2014/12/25)

- fix: add missing hs/js files to package
- the web UI has been streamlined, dropping the raw and entries views and
the edit form
- the help dialog has been improved
- keyboard shortcuts are now available
- the sidebar can be toggled open or closed (press s)

Journal view:
- layout tweaks for less truncation of descriptions and account names

Register view:
- fix: don't show all zero amounts when searching by account within an
account register view
- chart improvements: show zero balances with correct commodity; show
accurate balance at all dates; show transaction events & tooltips;
show zero/today lines & background colors

Add form:
- parses data more strictly and gives better errors (eg #194)
- allows any number of postings, not just two
- after adding a transaction, goes back to the journal
- keyboard shortcut (a) allows quick access

- allow warp 3*, wai-handler-launch 3*
- require yesod 1.4* (fixes #212)
- js updated (jquery, bootstrap, flot), added (typeahead, cookie, hotkeys),
removed (select2)

0.23.3 (2014/9/12)

- remove warp, wai-handler-launch upper bounds (fixes #205)

0.23.2 (2014/5/8)

- depend on latest hledger

0.23.1 (2014/5/7)

- depend on latest hledger

0.23 (2014/5/1)

- The --static-root flag has been renamed to --file-url.
- hledger-web now builds with Cabal's default -O, not -O2,
so may be a little quicker/less memory-hungry to install.

0.22.8 (2014/4/29)

- allow shakespeare 2.* (#179)

0.22.7 (2014/4/17)

- add Peter Simons' patch fixing Data.Conduit.Network HostIPv4 error (#171)

0.22.6 (2014/4/16)

- depend on hledger[-lib] 0.22.2

0.22.5 (2014/4/15)

- allow http-client 0.3.*, fixing cabal install again with GHC <= 7.6 (not yet 7.8)
- use pretty-show only with GHC 7.4+, fixing GHC 7.2 (fixes #155)
- allow warp 2.1, fixing cabal install

0.22.4 (2014/2/10)

- Fix: include the right unminified version of jquery.url.js (1.1) to avoid js breakage

0.22.3 (2014/2/10)

- Fix: version number reported by --version

0.22.2 (2014/2/10)

- new option --static-root to set the base url for static files
- allow blaze-html 0.7 (#159)
- Fix: include unminified source of all javascript to help packagers (#161)
- Fix: work around clang-related build failures with OS X mavericks/XCode 5

0.22.1 (2014/1/6) and older

See http://hledger.org/release-notes or doc/RELNOTES.md.
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