Parser combinators with fast-path and slower fallback for error reporting

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    • Text.PariPari
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        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Acceptor
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.CharCombinators
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Chunk
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Class
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.ElementCombinators
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Reporter
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Run
        • Text.PariPari.Internal.Tracer
      • Text.PariPari.Lens
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PariPari offers two parsing strategies. There is a fast Acceptor and a slower Reporter which are evaluated in parallel. If the Acceptor fails, the Reporter returns a report about the parsing errors. Like Attoparsec, the parser combinators backtrack by default.