A command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell. https://github.com/judah/haskeline

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Judah Jacobson
Maintained by Judah Jacobson

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Haskeline provides a user interface for line input in command-line programs. This library is similar in purpose to readline, but since it is written in Haskell it is (hopefully) more easily used in other Haskell programs.

Haskeline runs both on POSIX-compatible systems and on Windows.


Changed in version
* Add the new function `fallbackCompletion` to combine
multiple `CompletionFunc`s
* Fix warnings
* Bump the lower bound to ghc-8.0

Changed in version
* Bump upper bounds on base, containers, stm and unix
* Fix redundant "Category" field in haskeline.cabal

Changed in version
* Clean up the rest of the references to trac.haskell.org

Changed in version
* Bump upper bound on base to support ghc-8.4
* Use `TChan` from `stm` rather than `Chan`
* Update the homepage since trac.haskell.org has shut down

Changed in version
* Properly process Unicode key events on Windows.
* Add an instance MonadExcept IdentityT.
* Remove custom Setup logic to support Cabal 2.0.

Changed in version
* Properly disable echoing in getPassword when running in MinTTY.
* Use `cast` from Data.Typeable instead of Data.Dynamic.

Changed in version
* Require ghc version of at least 7.4.1, and clean up obsolete code
* Add thread-safe (in terminal-style interaction) external print function
* Add a MonadFix instance for InputT
* Bump upper bounds on `base` and `directory` to support ghc-8.0.2

Changed in version
* Fix hsc2hs-related warning on ghc-8
* Fix the behavior of ctrl-W in the emacs bindings
* Point to github instead of trac

Changed in version
* Fix Linux to Windows cross-compile
* Canonicalize AMP instances to make the code more future proof
* Generalize constraints for InputT instances
* Bump upper bounds on base and transformers
* Make Haskeline `-Wtabs` clean

Changed in version
* Fix build on Windows.

Changed in version
* Bump upper-bound on base and filepath libraries to accomodate GHC HEAD (7.10)
* Drop Cabal dependency to 1.10
* Use explicit forall syntax to avoid warning
* Support Applicative/Monad proposal in Win32/Draw backend
* Add Eq/Ord instances to Completion
* Add a "forall" quantifier before rank-n types

Changed in version
* Add support for transformers-

Changed in version
* Require ghc>=7.0.1.
* Allow building with terminfo-0.4.

Changed in version
* Point to github for HEAD.

Changed in version
* Fix build with ghc-7.8.
* Fix build with ghc-6.12.3.
* Fix build on Android.
* Fix build on Win64.
* Add 'catches' to System.Console.Haskeline.MonadException.

Changed in version
* Fix build with ghc>=7.6.1.

Changed in version
* Fix build on Windows with ghc>=7.4.1.

Changed in version
* Fix GHC build by removing a Haskell comment on an #endif line

Changed in version
API changes:
* Remove System.Console.Haskeline.Encoding
* Make the MonadException class more general (similar to monad-control)
* Don't make InputT an instance of MonadState/MonadReader
* #117: Implement mapInputT

Internal changes:
* Bump dependencies and general compatibility for ghc-7.6.1
* Depend on the transformers package instead of mtl
* Don't depend on the extensible-exceptions package
* Don't depend on the utf8-string package (except with ghc<7.4.1)
* Bump the minimum GHC version to 6.10.1
* Use ScopedTypeVariables instead of PatternSignatures

Internal fixes:
* Prevent crashes on Windows when writing too many characters at once
or ctrl-L on large window (GHC ticket #4415)
* Remember the user's history and kill ring state after ctrl-c
* Use ccall on Win64
* Fix terminfo's guess of the window size

Changed in version
* Bump dependencies to allow mtl-2.1, containers-0.5 and bytestring-0.10.
* Prefix C functions with "haskeline_" so we don't clash with other packages
* Prevent cursor flicker when outputting in the terminfo backend

Changed in version
* Build with ghc-7.4.1.

Changed in version
* #116: Prevent hang on 64-bit systems when the prompt contains a control

Changed in version
* #115: Fix the behavior of the 'f' and 't' commands when deleting text.
* #73: Fix regression: pasting multiple lines could drop some characters.
* Don't require NondecreasingIndentation.

Changed in version
* Fix a bug on ghc-7.2.1 with tab-completion of Unicode filenames.

Changed in version
* Various updates for ghc-7.2.1.

Changed in version 0.6.4:
* Added new function getInputLineWithInitial.

Changed in version
* Allow building with mtl-2.0.* .

Changed in version
* Updated contraints for ghc-7.0.1.

* Fix building on ghc-6.10.

Changed in version 0.6.3:
* #111: Correct width calculations when the prompt contains newlines.

* #109: Add function completeWordWithPrev.

* #101, #44: Extend the API with Behaviors, which control the choice between
terminal-style and file-style interaction.

* #78: Correct width calculations for escape sequences ("\ESC...\STX")

* Better warning message when -fterminfo doesn't work.

* Added getPassword as a new input function.

Changed in version
* Added back a MonadException instance for mtl's StateT.

Changed in version
* #110: Recognize the enter key in xterm.

* #108: Fix behavior after a paste of long, non-ASCII text.

* #106: Ignore input immediately following an unrecognized control sequence.

* #104: In vi-mode, allow, e.g., "d2w" as well as "2dw"

* #103: Fix vi-mode 'c' command with movements.

* #81: Correctly handle characters with a width > 1.

* Compatibility updates from the GHC folks for Solaris and for ghc-6.14.

* Optimization: if several key presses are input all at once (e.g. from a
paste), only display the last change. This can also make Haskeline more
responsive when editing long lines.

* Hard-code some defaults for ctrl-left and ctrl-right, and provide the
corresponding Emacs bindings to skip words.

Changed in version
* Raise dependency to utf8-string>=0.3.6 (fixes a bug when decoding invalid

Changed in version
Internal/API changes:
* Make sure to always use binary mode when expecting Char-as-byte.

* Eliminate unused import warnings on ghc>=6.11

* Increase upper bound on some dependencies for ghc-6.12

Changed in version 0.6.2:

User interface changes:
* A multitude of new emacs and vi commands

* New preference 'historyDuplicates' to prevent storage of duplicate lines

* Support PageUp and PageDown keys

* Let ctrl-L (clear-screen) work during getInputChar

Internal/API changes:
* Compatibility with ghc-6.12

* Calculate the correct width for Unicode combining characters

* Removed RankNTypes requirement; added Rank2Types and UndecidableInstances

* Use simpleUserHooks instead of autoconfUserHooks in the Setup script

* Internal refactoring to make command declaration more flexible

* Read the .haskeline file completely before starting the UI (laziness issue)
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