The MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO https://github.com/fpco/unliftio/tree/master/unliftio-core#readme

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MIT licensed by Michael Snoyman, Francesco Mazzoli
Maintained by michael@snoyman.com

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Provides the core MonadUnliftIO typeclass, instances for base and transformers, and basic utility functions. Typically, you’ll want to use the unliftio library, which provides more functionality (and a much better description).


  • Add wrappedWithRunInIO.

  • Doc improvements.
  • Inline functions in Control.Monad.IO.Unlift module #4.
  • Fully polymorphic withRunInIO #12.
  • Move withRunInIO into the MonadUnliftIO typeclass itself#13

  • Initial release.
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