Record subtyping and record utilities with generics-sop

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This library provides utilities for working with labelled single-constructor record types via generics-sop.

It also provides functions to safely cast between record types if the target type has a subset of the fields (with the same names) of the source type.

Changes (2020-04-09)

  • Export get and add getField. (2019-05-09)

  • Compatibility with generics-sop-0.5. (2018-10-20)

  • Relax version bound on generics-sop and add an extra LANGUAGE pragma for compatibility. (2018-09-01)

  • Relax version bound for hspec and fix a warning in the test suite. (2017-05-01)

  • Initial release. Everything is still rather experimental. Feedback on any aspect of the library is welcome.

    Currently, the general utilities are in Generics.SOP.Record, and the subtyping functionality is in Generics.SOP.Record.SubTyping.