GHC BigNum library

Version on this page:1.2
LTS Haskell 20.8:1.2
Stackage Nightly 2023-01-25:1.3
Latest on Hackage:1.3

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Sylvain Henry
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This package provides the low-level implementation of the standard BigNat, Natural and Integer types.


Changelog for ghc-bignum package


  • Moved naturalToDouble# and naturalToFloat# to base package


  • Moved integerToDouble# and integerToFloat# to base package with fixed rounding (#15926, #17231, #17782)
  • Added Eq and Ord instances for BigNat (#19647)
  • Bump in-tree GMP to version 6.2.1
  • Support for autoconf >= 2.70 especially on Windows (#19189)
  • Fixed extra-source-files in .cabal file
  • Fixed incorrect declaration in .hs-boot file (#19638)