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BSD3 licensed by Philippa Cowderoy
Maintained by Philippa Cowderoy
Flippi v0.03: A Wiki clone written in Haskell

As the title suggests, Flippi is a Wiki clone - a fairly basic one at
present, written in Haskell by Philippa Cowderoy and released under the BSD
license. There's an installation of Flippi running at
http://www.scannedinavian.org/cgi-bin/flippi/flippi - hopefully, details of
user modifications, new releases etc will be kept there.

Requirements: Flippi is written in plain Haskell 98 using a recent version
of the hierarchical libraries - it builds fine under
GHC 6.21, doesn't build under 5.02, hasn't been tested anywhere

To configure: Edit the source a little. The only really critical thing is
where the data files go - this can be changed by editing the
function dataDirectory in the PageIO module. The default is a
directory data under the directory Flippi is run from.

To change how the pages look on screen, edit PageTemplates.hs.

To change the wiki markup, edit DeWikify.hs.

Scripts are ordinary functions of type
[(String,String)] -> IO Html - to make one available, add an
entry to the list "scripts" in Scripts.hs. It's probably a
good idea if anybody distributing scripts they've written
includes a fuller description of how to do this in the
documentation so as to make things easier for users who don't
know Haskell.

Installation: Should be pretty simple: either compile the lot (a GHC --make
works fine) and set it up as a CGI executable or run it via
your preferred Haskell interpreter like any other script.

GHC users should find some variant on this works:
"ghc --make Flippi.hs -o <foo>" where <foo> is the name of
the resulting executable.

Optionally, copy the files found under data\ in the
distribution to wherever the CGI will be looking for page
data - these initial pages document the markup syntax and tell
users you're running Flippi. If you don't want to do this,
you'll want to create a FrontPage - point a browser at the CGI
and follow the link to create it.


v0.03: * Added scripting API and corresponding syntax
(see Script.hs, ScriptSyntax.hs)
* Added RecentChanges script
* Added HelloWorld example script in Script.hs
* Added getPagenames to PageIO
* Restricted page requests to valid pagenames as defined by a
pattern in DeWikify (an isPagename function is exported by
* hopefully removed DOS/UNIX data issue - all data files are now
written out in binary format, all input is done in text mode and
then has CRLFs forcibly converted to LFs. The parser will read
both LF and CRLF as new lines, though this should never be
needed now.
* Data files now go in a specified directory rather than having
a specified prefix
* A couple more bugfixes

v0.02: * Added proper (first edit wins) edit conflict resolution
* Fixed some potential holes such as editing the page ""
* Better page templates
* Enough markup to just about be usable (paragraphs, escapes)

v0.01: * Early version shown to a few friends
* Missing just about everything! But it does page IO


Thanks to Shae Erisson for encouragement, discussion, a test server and above
all else naming Flippi - if you don't like the name, blame it on him!

Philippa Cowderoy
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