a typesafe way encode accelerate matrices and vectors

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ISC licensed by Martin Heuschober
Maintained by Martin Heuschober <epsilonhalbe [at] gmail [dot] com>

Accelerate TypeLits

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This library provides a high level interface to accelerate for matrix computations.


The simplest way to install this library is using cabal or cabal-sandbox

> cabal install accelerate-typelits

If you want to have the most recent version, the project is on github so you can checkout the project.

> git clone
> cd accelerate-typelits
> cabal install

> git clone
> cd accelerate-typelits
> cabal sandbox init
> cabal install

There is also a stack.yaml file included, so one can also use stack in order to compile this library.

> git clone
> cd accelerate-typelits
> stack --stack-yaml stack-7.10.yaml build

The operators have been designed to give a visual hint of the respective parameters.

  • # for matrices
  • ^ for vectors
  • . for scalars

So for example #*^ represents the multiplication of a matrix with a vector, analogously ^*# works the other way around. Other examples would be #*# for matrix-matrix multiplication and .*^ scalar multiplication of a vector.

Operator precedence is usually the same as the numeric equivalence.


The matrix-vector and matrix-matrix products have been inspired by Henning Thielemann’s accelerate-arithmetic library


Revision history for accelerate-typelit

2016-04-23 – – initial version

  • Defining data types to handle type-safe matrices and vectors
  • Providing vector/matrix/scalar functions for addition, multiplication
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