A name for omitted definitions

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BSD3 licensed by Joachim Fasting
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acme-omitted: a name for omitted definitions

acme-omitted provides

  • a way of indicating that a definition has been "omitted" (though not inherently undefinable); and
  • an alternative to Prelude.undefined; and
  • the means to observe the difference.


acme-omitted, 2016-08-19
* Factor out Acme.OmittedOrUndefined
acme-omitted, 2014-10-20
* Factor out Acme.Undefined
acme-omitted, 2013-10-13
* Add an alternate implementation of `undefined`
* Add `isPreludeUndefined` (replaces the old `isUndefined`)
acme-omitted, 2013-10-05
* Initial release
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