Scale Friday images with DCT

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BSD3 licensed by Alex Mason, Oleg Grenrus
Maintained by Alex Mason


Scale friday images with DCT.

This library is based on the work of Oleg Grenrus on JuicyPixels-scale-dct and improves upon this work be allowing images of any type to be scaled (as long as their underlying pixel components are Integral and ‘linear’, is not HSV), not just RGBA8 images.

This will probably only work on colour spaces which are “linear”, HSV is unlikely to work because hue is is an angle, and taking the DCT of angles probably doesn’t make sense.

friday is a Haskell library for manipulating images in a functional way.

Example image







  • Convert phadej’s JuicyPixels based code to use friday
  • Make changes to allow any image type to be resized (this is probably too generous and will break HSV and possibly other colour spaces).

  • Bundle missing test file
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