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GPL-3 licensed by Ian-Woo Kim
Maintained by Ian-Woo Kim

Hoodle is a pen notetaking program written in haskell.



0.5: 12 Dec 2011
* First public release. basic pen operation, eraser operation, rectangular selection and file operations are implemented

0.5.1: 16 Dec 2011
* Use of configuration file '.hxournal'. Enable Use X Input menu. Dependency on xournal-parser and xournal-render is restricted to 0.2.0.* only
* checking gtk+-2.0 using pkg-config

0.6: 18 Dec 2011
* pdf background support. Annotate PDF menu is activated. preloading pdf background images

0.6.0: 19 Dec 2011
* some bug fixes (temporary yet) related to automatic scrollbar disappearing. Check when new, open, annotate pdf if xournal file is not saved yet.

0.6.1: 25 Dec 2011
* undo/redo support, double buffer rendering while scrolling

0.6.2: 15 Jan 2012
* layer support

0.6.3: 24 Jan 2012
* refine rendering while selection and scrolling. highlighter is implemented. Resizing selected strokes implemented

0.6.4: 6 Feb 2012
* lasso selection, continuous page view.

0.6.5: 12 Feb 2012
* pen button support, pen pressure support, using faster xoj parser

0.6.6: 28 Feb 2012
* scripting support, zoom in/out implemented. page functions are implemented


0.1: 29 Nov 2012
* new hoodle format
* simplify namespace to Hoodle
* inter-process clipboard support using GtkClipboard
* Image embedding support
* pdf export support

0.1.1: 16 Jan 2013
* context menu support
* text input support (experimental latex support with lasem installed)
* SVG import support
* JPG import support
* image can be embedded
* full screen support
* color picker menu and toolbar button
* experimental smooth scrolling support
* rendering engine improved

0.2: 24 Mar 2013
* hoodle data format updated. now hoodle document has a unique id.
* linking between documents implemented
* vertical space inserting tool implemented
* a widget introduced for panning and zooming
* drag and drop linking implemented
* drag and drop image embedding implemented
* poppler pdf support is mandatory
* pdf can be embedded in a file
* toolbox ui reflects current hoodle state more correctly
* slimmer select box design
* several rendering glitches fixed

0.2.0: 8 Apr 2013
* selected group of item can be transformed to a link
* link to external URL
* when drag-and-drop link, it automatically transform currently selected item to the link
* drag and drop URL as a link (from address bar in web browser, such as firefox or chromium )
* close button for Pan/Zoom widget
* single image selection using wacom side button (convenient when overlapped images)
* grey out save button when reading a file at first
* white-out bug fix when opening multiple pdf files

0.2.1: 2 Jun 2013
* touch support: touch is now used for zooming and panning
* any selected items can be transformed into a link
* layer widget (show current content of layer and navigate other layers)
* very simple versioning support (available under File/Save Version)
* notify a linked item with transparent yellow box when hovered over
* page arranged at the center not left-upper corner
* rendering improvement especially when a pen stroke is being drawn
* context menu whenever right-clicking on selected item

0.2.2: 31 Dec 2013
* ink message for revision commit
* full latex support (using external tools: xelatex, pdfcrop, pdf2svg)
* network editing for latex and text
* add context menus for image cropping/rotating on the fly
* when resizing selection, keep aspect ratio by default. but if using handle in the middle of side, or with right pen click, arbtrary resizing is still possible
* resizing image and pdf background if it's too big. (100k/10MB)
* clock widget (test for asynchronous event processing)
* assign shortcut keys for color/pen tools

0.3: 14 Jul 2014
* asynchronous PDF rendering engine
* anchored link (link to specific location of a document)
* hoodlet (small hoodle snippet)
* handwriting recognition for registering and searching for hoodlets
* reorganized menu
* pen cursor reflects current pen choice
* include hoodle-extra package: idfilepathdb/networkedit

0.4: 26 Feb 2015
* tabbed interface!
* better rendering engine architecture with caching
* fully asynchronous rendering for both backgrounds and layers
* synchronization/shared document support associated with planned web service
* local document database support associated with planned web service
* embedding full text source in hoodle file
* gtk3 integration almost done
* relicense all code under BSD3

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