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BSD3 licensed by Justus Adam
Maintained by dev@justus.science

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Or justus-adam-base-extra, which is the expanded form.

This is a library of small helper functions that I use and that depend only on the base library. But of which I am certain they would never be added to the actual base library.

Most of these functions are simple to implement and do not warrant including a library, however I like to do so regardless, because it thins out the usual MyProject.Util module.


Just add as dependency and import Original.Module.JAExtra. Currently available on hackage.


This library is named after me for two reasons:

  1. because it is an opinionated library of things that I thought were necessary and
  2. because naming it and the included modules something generic is not cool, if it is not generic by design (like the extra library)


Haddock documentation is provided. If you are unhappy with the documentation let me know or submit a pull request.


I am happy about any contribution. Just submit a pull request.

Be aware though that I might reject proposals because I judge them unfitting, it is after all an opinionated library.

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