Role annotations without -XRoleAnnotations

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Richard Eisenberg


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This package is intended to ease the transition from GHC 7.6.3- to GHC 7.8+ by providing a backward-compatible role annotation syntax. The module Language.Haskell.RoleAnnots exports backward-compatible declarations usable to assign stricter roles to declarations. Proper role annotations are preferred, but these work, too.

The module Language.Haskell.RoleAnnots.Check provides a way to check that a datatype has a set of desired roles. This might be suitable for use in a testsuite.

See the module documentation for details.


no-role-annots changelog

Version 1.1

  • Update documentation to reflect role inference in datatype contexts.

  • Deprecate roleAnnot.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.
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