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PublicDomain licensed and maintained by Imants Cekusins


* basic distributed-process node
* configurable peers

Begin reading at Control.Distributed.Raketka.Type.Arg

see also: 

    *   [parconc-examples](https://hackage.haskell.org/package/parconc-examples)
    *   [haskell-distributed tutorials](http://haskell-distributed.github.io/tutorials/1ch.html)  

This library: 

        * start nodes 
        * connect them with each other
        * exchanges pings with other nodes which are expected to pong back
        * received pings & pongs are output to stdout
        * when 1 node is disconnected or stops, the other nodes stdout notifications about this

    may be extended 
    however you are most likely to write your own code that does much more. 

    is simple on purpose, does only a few things which seem to be common in distributed arch 

To start the program that comes with this library:

    start the same program in multiple consoles: 1 per node
    2 args are expected:

        1. path to config.json (see test-conf.json)
        2. idx of this node in the cluster: 0 .. (length Cluster -1)    


fix broken build. Reason: missing -main-is ghc-option  
fix broken build. Reason: API change in dependency network-transport-tcp
split Main to 2 funs  
change common state from TVar s to s

pass init common state  
add custom state to Server

peer state type is a configurable param

note : package build may fail 

due to version clash between aeson, vector, primitive packages

https://github.com/ciez/vector is a patched version of vector-

I do not claim to have any knowledge about vector package workings. 

Did basic refactoring: moved some code to a different module and followed some GHC suggestions. It builds and it works with raketka.  
start multiple nodes

on start nodes ping suggested (in config) nodes - which pong back - and establish monitored connections
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