Stackage is an infrastructure to create stable builds of complete package sets. Think “stable Hackage”.

GHC 7.8 exclusive inclusive
GHC 7.8 + Haskell Platform exclusive inclusive
GHC 7.6 exclusive inclusive

What's the difference between inclusive and exclusive snapshots?

Getting Started

For prerequisites and compiler installation instructions, please see the wiki page Preparing your system to use Stackage.

To start using Stackage, choose your operating system below:

How Stackage Works

Package authors: Open a pull request on the Github repository.

Once checked, it's merged and run through Jenkins.

Authors are notified on Github if any problems arise with their package.

If the build succeeds, a new Stackage snapshot is created.

The community can start using the new snapshot immediately!

Steps to Contribute

For package authors to contribute to Stackage, follow these instructions:

Once you have submitted the pull request, a build will be started. There is a dedicated jenkins server at this location: From there you can track the progress, status and results of Stackage builds.

Stackage for Businesses

We're offering custom installations for businesses who want to build their development platform upon Stackage. If you're considering this for your business and want to find out more, please email us at: