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Stackage is a stable source of Haskell packages. We guarantee that packages build and pass tests before generating nightly and LTS releases.


A tested package set is the best solution to dependency resolution issues (a.k.a. Cabal Hell). By using Stackage, you’ll avoid many common build problems, have a stable package set for personal work, and a common environment for team collaboration.

Quick start

Download the following file, place it next to your cabal config file and you’re done.

$ wget
$ cabal update
$ cabal install

Get Started

You’ll need to install Haskell first. The above releases require GHC 7.8. Older versions are available, and all snapshots are available. Then use all your standard Haskell tooling features, like cabal and sandboxes.

You may also be interested in always getting the latest LTS or Nightly release.

All packages included

Stackage includes all packages by default. However, we can only guarantee buildability for officially supported packages. To get a package added to our officially supported list, please follow the author/maintainer instructions.

Community and support

You can discuss Stackage on the Google group and report issues about Stackage itself here and issues about here.

Stackage for Businesses

We're offering custom installations for businesses who want to build their development platform upon Stackage. If you're considering this for your business and want to find out more, please email us at: