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About Stackage

Stackage provides consistent sets of Haskell packages, known to build together and pass their tests before becoming Stackage Nightly snapshots and LTS (Long Term Support) releases.

It is a distribution of a subset of packages from Hackage, each package chosen at a version to make the set self-consistent. Note that Stackage does not patch any packages.

We recommend using the stack tool, which makes using Stackage snapshots easy and convenient. But Stackage can also be used in other ways: as a source of consistent packages that work well together, or to ensure that Haskell packages you author or care about work well with others. Get started with Stack.

Stackage is a community project: Haskell users around the world work together to keep Stackage snapshots up to date with recent package versions: Stackage itself and all the tools surrounding it are open-source. See how to add packages to Stackage.

Have more questions? We have a FAQ section on Github.

Stackage's infrastructure, build machines, initial creation and ongoing maintenance were proudly sponsored by FP Complete from 2014 to 2024.

Today it is a service provided by the Haskell Foundation.