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Stackage is a stable source of Haskell packages. We guarantee that packages build consistently and pass tests before generating nightly and Long Term Support (LTS) releases.


You browse the latest long term support (what are Long Term Support releases?) release, or the latest bleeding-edge nightly release.

Stack uses LTS Haskell and Stackage Nightly out of the box.


For package authors to contribute to Stackage, follow these instructions:

  • Edit the build-constraints.yaml file to add your packages, following the same format as other contributors
  • Choose "Create a new branch for this commit"
  • Click "Propose file change"
  • If there are any issues building your packages, one of the Stackage maintainers will contact you with more information.

Community and support

You can discuss Stackage on the Google group and report issues about Stackage itself here and issues about here.

There is also #haskell-stack channel on freenode.

Commercial Haskell

Stackage is part of an initiative by the commercial Haskell group. More information on the architecture of Stackage can be found here.

FP Complete offer custom installations for businesses who want to build their development platform upon Stackage. If you're considering this for your business and want to find out more, please email us at: