BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Chris Kuklewicz
This version can be pinned in stack with:SafeSemaphore-0.10.1@sha256:1b168ec8de4b3958df15b33ba9ab60d8a651d9dd4ea36891d4c31ae81e7ec1cc,1484

Module documentation for 0.10.1

  • Control
    • Control.Concurrent
      • Control.Concurrent.FairRWLock
      • Control.Concurrent.MSampleVar
      • Control.Concurrent.MSem
      • Control.Concurrent.MSemN
      • Control.Concurrent.MSemN2
      • Control.Concurrent.SSem
      • Control.Concurrent.STM
        • Control.Concurrent.STM.SSem
Depends on 3 packages(full list with versions):

This provides a much safer semaphore than the QSem, QSemN, SampleVar in base. Those base modules are not exception safe and can be broken by killThread. See for more details.