Generic Programming using True Sums of Products

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Edsko de Vries, Andres Löh
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  • Generics
    • Generics.SOP
      • Generics.SOP.BasicFunctors
      • Generics.SOP.Classes
      • Generics.SOP.Constraint
      • Generics.SOP.GGP
      • Generics.SOP.Instances
      • Generics.SOP.Metadata
      • Generics.SOP.NP
      • Generics.SOP.NS
      • Generics.SOP.Sing
      • Generics.SOP.TH
      • Generics.SOP.Universe

A library to support the definition of generic functions. Datatypes are viewed in a uniform, structured way: the choice between constructors is represented using an n-ary sum, and the arguments of each constructor are represented using an n-ary product.

The module Generics.SOP is the main module of this library and contains more detailed documentation.

Examples of using this library are provided by the following packages:

A detailed description of the ideas behind this library is provided by the paper: